Extreme Hardship Waiver Evaluations

Alejandra Diaz provides Extreme Hardship Waiver Evaluations to individuals undergoing stressful immigration processes. The purpose of this type of evaluation is to identify areas in the individual's life that may be extremely compromised as a result of a forced separation from the applicant or by relocation in the country of origin. This evaluation supports the application of extreme hardship waiver of inadmissibility.

Hardship Waiver Evaluations involve a detailed interview that may take from 2 to 3 hours. During the interview, counselor Diaz will explore in detail areas such as: family, financial, education, professional, medical and mental health, among others. Part of the evaluation also includes the identification of current stressors, mental health symptoms, support system, personal strenghts and limitations among others.

This type of evaluation will allow counselor Diaz to make clinical recommendations as well as stating if the qualifying relative might or might not suffer from extreme hardship if the waiver is denied.

The cost for the evaluation is $700. If the evaluation needs to be expedited the cost is $850.

Please contact Alejandra Diaz for more details of the process and for information about payment plans.