8th International Congress- Centro Ericksoniano de Mexico

"Integrating Internal and External Resources in the Treatment of Anxiety"

April 22-25, 2021


Interview- May 2020 - Hablemos de Hipnosis

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Interview- April 29 2020 -  Caldero.Radio with Teresa Robles

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13th International Congress on Ericksonian Approaches  to Hypnosis & Psychotherapy

Phoenix, Arizona - December 2019




North Texas Society of Clinical Hypnosis (NTSCH)

Alejandra will be presenting:

"Universal Elements of Anxiety and Group Hypno-Therapeutic Work"

Hypnosis Beginner's Training, July-August, 2019




Alejandra Presents International Multicultural Webinars through the North Texas Society of Clinical Hypnosis (NTSCH)

Live International Webinar with Instituto Familiar Sistemico (INFASI -Mexico)




Nancy - Paris - Nante Frace, 2019

5 Workshops and 1 Conference about the Use of Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis and their application in Pain Management


Mexico City, 2018

"International Training: Prevention and Intervention of Domestic Violence"

November-December, 2018 Mexico City, Instituto Familiar Sistémico (INFASI)

Costa Rica, 2018

“Hypnotic Techniques for Acute and Chronic Pain Management.”

2018 Costa Rica, Association of Clinical Hypnosis (ACOHIC)
Co-presenting with Roxanna Erickson-Klein, PhD and Mary Ellen Bluntzer, MD.


Mexico, 2017

"Domestic Violence: Therapeutic Strategies with Batterers."

2017 Mexico, Instituto Familiar Sistemico (INFASI)




"Interventions with Batterers"

2018 Cancún, Ericksoniano de Mexico (CEM)

"Domestic Violence: Challenges of Intervention with Batterers"

2017 Mexico, Instituto Familiar Sistemico (INFASI)


"Ericksonian Hypnosis vs Traditional Approaches in Hypnosis"

2016 Mexico, Instituto Familiar Sistemico (INFASI)