Life Coach

Life Coaching


Life coaching is a guidance process for people who are undergoing life’s transitions such as those who have lost jobs or who are contemplating a job change, students who are graduating from college and planning a career, or people with health and lifestyle concerns who need motivation and exercise regimens, among others.

Coach and client work together in an alliance that helps individuals consider many more options and make behavior modifications. The role of the coach is to bring out the best in her clients opening the door to possibilities.


The purpose of life coaching is to plan, develop, and execute a program that will not only bring about change, but also success. The exchange bring the opportunity of innovative thinking, stepping out of the comfort zone, enhance skills and abilities and increase self-confidence.


Life Coaching differs from Counseling in that it is non-diagnostic, does not deal with mental health concerns, and allows for more directed advice. Coaching is a term that is used internationally and is not regulated by state licensing bodies. Individuals may come into this field with very broad differences in their training and experiences.  My personal training as a coach comes from the context training and experiences in health care.